Egypt is a country of many traditions but the most important one is hospitality. Deeply infused in our culture is the sense of responsibility for the traveler and the joy of receiving guests, of treating them to the best that we can offer.

Wings Group was founded as logical extension of these two national qualities: Hospitality and wealth of beauty to offer the visitor.

Wings Tours Gulf as part of Wings Group carries out this vision in one of the most attractive spots of the modern world, Dubai.

Today’s travelers require a host who is able to cater to their desires with careful planning and attention to details.

Management has become the key to an enjoyable and successful visit, taking into consideration the special needs of our guests as individuals or members of particular groups.

This is our goal, to combine a natural talent for making people comfortable, with the necessary organization skills to ensure the best of journeys for every type of traveler

Atef EL-Wassief
Ahmed A. El-Wassief